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Topcon IP-S2

The vehicle-mounted IP-S2 mobile precision mapping and survey system integrates laser scanning and digital imaging for the building of 3D models.

November 03, 2009

A vehicle-mounted, mobile 3D precision mapping and survey system introduced by Topcon, IP-S2 combines dual-frequency GNSS signal tracking and positioning with inertial measurement to integrate laser scanning and digital imaging. By using 3D laser scanners, LIDAR “point cloud” and/or cameras, the data collected is integrated, time-stamped and geo-referenced. The customer can then quickly and accurately combine LIDAR and digital imaging data to build 3D models of the areas driven. Sensor integration creates applications for the technology in GIS, construction, agriculture, mapping and machine control.


The i-53 indicate dozer machine control system includes a GNSS receiver, graphical user interface, and machine control software

X-53i uses local positioning systems for excavators working in sky-obstructed areas where GPS is unreliable.

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