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Sakai 700 Series Rollers

The 67-inch-wide Sakai 700 Series vibratory double-drum asphalt rollers feature three-position, 180-degree rotating operating consoles.

November 28, 2009

Featuring a three-position, 180-degree rotating operating console with instrument panel and seat, the operator's station for Sakai's new 67-inch-wide 700 Series vibratory double-drum asphalt rollers has been enhanced to minimize vibration to the operator, says the company. The two models in the 700 Series use turbocharged Isuzu 4JJ1XDIA water-cooled Tier 3 diesel engines delivering 123 horsepower. The SW770 offers one frequency at 3,000 vibrations per minute and two amplitude settings of 0.012 to 0.025 inches; the SW770HF offers three frequency settings up to 4,000 vibrations per minute with the same two amplitude settings. Sakai's ExactCompact and Intelligent Compaction systems are available as add-on features.


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The SA33L2 Series trench roller features 24.6 horsepower and comes standard with an infrared remote control system for ease of use.

Sakai’s new light equipment includes a line of five vibratory plate compactors – models PF120, PF150, PF280, PC600 and PC800 – built to last with cast iron sleeves, forged crankshaft, twin bearings and alloy-steel vibrating plates.

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