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OEM Data Delivery ST 950 Service Tracker

ST-950 Service Tracker from OEM Data Delivery has GPS and radio communications.

April 01, 2010

ST-950 Service Tracker from OEM Data Delivery has GPS and radio communications. It is used for tracking equipment activity on jobsites so PTO credits can be obtained quickly for fuel used on site, as opposed to on-highway. Data logs are also generated, including machine hours, equipment location, and idling v. work. The device fully integrates with a fuel-management system.


other OEM Data Delivery products

The MiniPOD Fuel enables contractors and fleet managers who distribute fuel from pick-up bed transfer tanks, fuel cubes, bulk tanks, and remote tanks to gain real-time control over how fuel is dispensed, and how it is accounted for.

OEM Data Delivery’s Mini-Pod allows owners or foremen to capture and use critical information from individual machines.

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