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As of April 2016, Cummins has reorganized its Power Generation segment with its High Horsepower engine segment to create a new Power Systems segment

Chinese-themed resort delay due to 'complex design'

The Demo Expo will be October 3-5, 2017 in Louisville, Kentucky

You've heard the hype, shook your head at the setbacks, cried with the sinkhole.

260-mile submarine transmission cable will bring 1,000 MW of power and 500 construction jobs

The Transbay Transit project costs have increased by about 90 percent since 2008

Printed houses, driverless dozers, and eyes in the skies describe the coming construction sites

Two Pennsylvania firms that have supplied the recent construction boom with rental cranes are consolidating operations.

Livonia transmission plant and Avon Lake assembly plant to benefit from $9 billion commitment

Iowa denies all remaining eminent domain hearings, approves construction

New Orleans sinkhole running next to the streetcar tracks will take $5M and 6 months to fix

Continues market share gains in heavy equipment with introduction of new articulated hauler and excavator

Numbers continue to tell a positive story about equipment rental’s future - $55.6 billlion by 2019

Fiscal 2016 expectations  project net sales of $5.7 billion to $6.0 billion.


New 3D printing and innovation accelerator hopes to draw fresh talent to the area

'Keep your eyes on the road and your hands upon the wheel' - Jim Morrison

Changing safety standards and operating practices in concrete pumping mean you will want to read this

Ford will send its F-150 Raptor SuperCrew pickup truck to China in 2017.

Cat expects to cut 820 jobs in the next 18 months due to poor demand

Construction employment hit new peak levels in 31 metro areas.

employment hit new peak levels in 31 metro areas.
employment hit new peak levels in 31 metro areas.

Babcock Ranch, a sustainable city being built from the ground up in Punta Gorda, Florida, is coming online.

World's second tallest building opened its doors Wednesday

Says micro-managing lead to additional costs

Interview with Bob Regan, historian , and Pat Hassett, Pittsburgh Department of Public Works

Prosecutor calling it "the disaster after the disaster"

But the transportation terminal category is up 339 percent thanks to New York and New Orleans projects

A nation over troubled water

An under-the-scene look at the start of digging under the Seattle Viaduct that carries 90,000 vehicles every day.

New dealerships in West Jordon, UT and Casper, Wyoming

Deutz will provide JLG with Deutz Xchange remanufactured engines for JLG’s aerial work platform (AWP) reconditioning program.

Annual remodeling spending is expected to reach nearly $325 billion nationally by early next year

Light-rail project's final design is expected to be completed in October, with construction beginning in November or December.

LIVE demonstration of a steel excavator being 3D printed at March 2017 Conexpo-Con/Agg

State cites failure to address water impacts in Constitution permit refusal

Accident raises concerns over quality of 2016 Olympics' construction work

Cuts would force layoffs, affect services


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