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Oil and gas offshore energy services port will generate close to $9.5 billion in new sales for firms in the Lake Charles area and more than 16,000 jobs a year.

“Speeding, road rage, distracted driving in construction zones can significantly impact someone’s life”

Senate EPW committee passes emission grants extension

Terex will proceed with Konecranes MHPS deal

“Biological systems are the best autonomous systems we know of"

If you think the construction workers are at more risk than drivers who crash through work zones, the AGC says you are dead wrong.

"Incidents like this are teachable moments," said Doug Hecox, spokesman for the FHA.

Faraday Future begins building new manufacturing plant in North Las Vegas to produce premium electric cars

209,000 homes sold but not yet under construction, the highest since May 2007

AEM’s Infrastructure Vision 2050 initiative seeks to elevate the national discussion about the future of infrastructure.

Associations representing state departments of transportation, legislatures and the nation's governors are asking Congress to drop plans to rescind  billions of dollars in already-authorized highway funds

Unusual open-court trial ends in favor of homeowners

The equipment rental industry’s future success depends on having educated rental business and manufacturer/supplier owners, managers and employees. 

New Google idea lets you get hit by a car, stay stuck on the hood

$5 an hour or $55 an hour? Could depend on where you're from

Most construction firms will now have to allow OSHA to make their company's injury and illness data public

What's this stuff? OSHA wants you to know what it is, what it can do to you, and how to handle it safely.

Shovel-ready project has already recieved five other grant modifications and is 2 years behind schedule

Companies working together to bring 3D accuracy to excavation fleets

Company will provide $25,000 in free equipment use to one community to repair and/or build local infrastructure.

New housing community designed with energy and human sustainability in mind

 Hudson Yards will add $19 billion a year to New York City - that's more than Iceland's GDP

Engineers estimate 70 percent of the country’s 87,000 dams will be more than 50 years old by 2020. 

Partnership with Laconia Development may be finalized in June

 OTTO doesn't make the trucks, they make them smarter.

The vast majority of bank-financed public projects remain a mystery to municipal bond investors, taxpayers and securities regulators.

Company leaves workers unprotected in underground trench to remove Naperville sewer line


Zoomlion has two weeks to bring a formal offer to the Terex table.

For a nation that thrives on competition and leading others, we have fallen too far behind in our roads, bridges, waterways, and airports.

Streamlined care reduces, or even eliminates, procedures ─ saving time and money

Affordable modular tower contains 363 apartments and 4,000 sq ft of retail space

Seattle officials have been counting earthquake-vulnerable buildings since the early 1990s, but no law requires the structures to be strengthened.


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