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"Alexa, haul this equipment to the jobsite for me, please."

Experts say it will cost more than $1 trillion to replace World War II-era water infrastructure systems over the next 25 years and make water unaffordable for more than a third of U.S. households.

Dancing excavators take center stage

ELFA's forecast of what to expect for leasing, renting and buying equipment

New safety and performance features for rugged vocational trucks

Making shale oil profitable is a challenge as oilfield services prices rise

56 percent of the 2018 budget for construction

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced a settlement with Bandit Industries

High-profile real estate moguls to make sure infrastructure contractors deliver the most bang for the buck

('s quick summery of the available intel and came up what is on - and off - the table

CMI plans to begin manufacturing at the Waverly, Iowa site later this year

New technology, new applications, new types of coverage

If found guilty, FCA could be on the hook for $3.75 billion in civil penalties

VW to pay $4.3 billion to settle guilty pleas. Company will also be monitored for further fraud.

Association continues to focus on equipment manager education, safety, technology, and workforce development

Roofing company owner sued for back wages and damages for firing safety manager who cooperated with OSHA investigation

15 months of construction in four minutes

$1 billion for two Midwest plants to be expanded to produce three new Jeep vehicles

Do we fix it, scrap it, or reinvent it?

“It should first be decided whether we are honest. If we are not honest, everything stays as it is" - email from VW exec.

Demand for higher-educated construction workers will continue to be especially tight

New York City has not been counting or reporting 33 percent ofconstruction worker deaths

Obama parting gift to Chicago commuters

Wireless energy strips built into asphalt will move battery-less buses

OSHA says that publicly posting injury and illness data will motivate companies to focus on better safety

$214K could buy a lot of fall protection equipment

Lifts will be produced at Savannah, Georgia facility

Stanley CEO says plans to grow Craftsman brand will add jobs to the U.S.

Acquisition to focuse on specialty heavy duty trailer market

General fall-protection requirements in Oregon were the most-cited construction-industry rule violations with penalties totaling $603K in 2016.

Will lead agency established last summer to back transportation and infrastructure projects in the U.S.

Unveils flagship 1050-horsepower FF91 electric car at CES

Will invest $700 million in metro Detroit's Flat Rock Assembly plant, creating 700 jobs

Developers and investors are starting to repurpose subdivisions left half-finished after the housing collapse


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