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A new line of nine portable generators, ranging from a 2.0 kW inverter unit to a 12.3 kW gasoline generator.

January 22, 2014

A new line of nine portable generators, ranging from a 2.0 kW inverter unit to a 12.3 kW gasoline generator, are designed, says the company, to deliver “clean power” that is safe for sophisticated tools and electronic systems.

The smallest of the new portable generators, the PRO2.0iS, designed to be one of the lightest 2 kW models available, features an intelligent sensor that monitors power demand and varies engine speed to conserve fuel, reduce noise levels, and minimize exhaust gases. To help extend engine life, an Oil Sentry feature automatically powers the engine down in low-oil conditions.

At high end of the line, the PRO12.3EFI gasoline generator features a commercial-grade Kohler Command PRO EFI engine, which uses closed-loop electronic fuel-injection technology that continually monitors seven operating parameters and adjusts fuel delivery accordingly for optimum performance and fuel economy. The PRO5.4DES model uses the Kohler Command PRO diesel engine, featuring a sound-dampening enclosure for quiet operation.

Models capable of producing more than 5.2 kW of power incorporate the patented Kohler Accu-Fill, feature, which simplifies fueling and minimizes the risk of fuel spillage. An on-board maintenance reminder indicates when oil and air-filter changes are needed, eliminating the need for maintenance logs. Seven accessory kits are available, providing more than 100 custom configurations that include an auto-locking hand-truck handle, wheelbarrow-handle, lifting bar, extension-cord-management racks, and wheel packages.

“No other portable generator manufacturer offers this level of customization,” says said Manny Rumao, senior product manager. “The unmatched variety of accessories allows users to build the exact generator they need, and most options can be switched between different Kohler portable generators.”



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