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Volvo Heavy Duty model has its own styling but retains most of the comfort of better-known VN road tractors

Spec’d for Ontario, Canada, this truck’s handling was more familiar than our truck editor expected

Once mastered, the Mercedes-made 6-speed is smooth and satisfying to drive

This is a bridge-formula truck aimed at fleet operators of dumpers and mixers who’ll be the CT681’s main customers.

IUOE trainers take a first-hand look at how far Caterpillar's scraper design has progressed

Heavy hauling is one of many tasks for which Kenworth's increasingly popular vocational model has been engineered and outfitted

Higher engine rating and strong chassis allows a Ford SuperDuty pickup to become ‘half an 18-wheeler’

Specialized tractor expands Volvo’s Class 8 lineup to more customers

Front-discharge mixer moves fast, maneuvers nicely with cheap natural gas power

Lighter, more agile suspension supplements but doesn’t replace the venerable Camelback


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