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Ford’s big V-10 is strong and fairly quiet as it revs to make horses that feed on natural gas

Volvo’s AMT has capabilities for getting out of off-road holes, but the driver needs to know about them

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Automated transmission makes the right gear-change choices while saving fuel and work

Single-Rear-Axle model is closer to medium than heavy-duty, but it’s still Mack-solid

Big American Hemi V-8, Italian EcoDiesel V-6 offer new capabilities to Chrysler’s truck customers

Two experienced operators conclude that the electrically based hybrid-drive system in the new Deere 644K Hybrid wheel loader offers an impressive performance edge

The V-6 EcoDiesel is a VM Motori product that’s been proven in Europe and modified to meet American exhaust emissions standards.

Gas fuel makes a truck both expensive to buy and cheap to run, but the engine drives pretty well


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