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Crawler dozers with horsepower ratings in excess of 300 take on the tough jobs with an efficiency that belies their power and size

A new spec for Stoneway Concrete cuts weight, adds payload and revenue

American production, front-end styling and stiffer frame are new, but cabs and interiors are carried over from the previous model

Local 649 operator/instructors put the Case SR270 skid steer loader through its paces on a muddy and challenging track

Operating a mixer from one’s feet takes practice, but it aids communications between driver and chute man

It looks and feels like a big truck, and its midrange-size power train performs well but saves money and weight

Operator Sean Poyner experiments with the Discovery’s new remote-drive system, which uses the Freightliner’s Allison transmission and allows speeds to 7 mph. (Photos: George Pfoertner)

Local 150 operating engineers Sean Poyner and Chris Tomblin, long-time Gradall operators, offer their thoughts on Gradall’s new commercial-chassis excavator

(Construction Equipment photo.)

A beefed-up chassis puts the new truck between half- and three-quarter-ton pickups, but the star for now is Cummins diesel power

Concrete paver makers fought through an uncertain market with increased technology and versatility

This new diesel from Kenworth and Peterbilt’s parent makes impressive power and torque, and it adds another product for buyers to consider


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