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Field test

Enhanced aerodynamics and driver-inspired interior amenities are among its advancements

Ford puts stronger engines in 2017 models and reduces weight with aluminum for a “delightful” ride

Navistar’s new vocational series is much like the now-departed Cat Truck, but costs less.

Operating engineers Chris Yanos and Zip Ackert share their thoughts about the D61PXi-23 dozer and its Intelligent Machine Control system

Will a special trim package create the next sentimental favorite from Peterbilt?

A new spec for Stoneway Concrete cuts weight, adds payload and revenue

American production, front-end styling and stiffer frame are new, but cabs and interiors are carried over from the previous model

Photos: Mark Boatman

Local 649 operator/instructors put the Case SR270 skid steer loader through its paces on a muddy and challenging track

Operating a mixer from one’s feet takes practice, but it aids communications between driver and chute man

It looks and feels like a big truck, and its midrange-size power train performs well but saves money and weight


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