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Dynapac CA5000, CA5500, CA6000, CA6500 Vibratory Rollers

Four new models are added to Dynapac CA-series single-drum vibratory rollers: CA5000, CA5500, CA6000 and CA6500.

May 31, 2012

Four new models are added to Dynapac CA-series single-drum vibratory rollers. The CA5000, CA5500, CA6000 and CA6500 have optimized drum amplitude and Automatic Bouncing Control. Drum amplitude is 0.083 inch, which allows rock fill to be compacted in layers almost 9-feet thick with rock up to 3 feet in diameter, the company says. Automatic Bouncing Control measures feedback from the drum and eliminates drum bouncing, or over-compacting. Model CA6000D also features a governor to avoid compacting at a too high a speed. Cross-mounted engine allows service and maintenance access, and reduces overall machine length. All four models are equipped with Tier 4-Interim engines from Deutz.


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