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Roadtec, Inc.

Roadtec, an Astec Industries company, produces pavers, material transfer vehicles, cold planers, heavy-duty self-propelled brooms, and reclaimers for asphalt road builders worldwide. Roadtec’s customers range in size from family-owned companies to multi-national concerns. Roadtec customers value not only long-lasting and reliable equipment but also equipment features that can give them an edge in their competitive environment. They also demand a high level of customer support. Among the services Roadtec provides are parts, competitive parts for many brands, and equipment rebuild services. High-end, innovative products and support for its customers have been key to Roadtec’s growth and continues to be its focus.


CE-Concrete Screeds,CE-Reclaimers and Recyclers In-Place,CE-Soil Stabilizing Equipment,CE-Asphalt Pavers Tracked,CE-Cold Planers and Milling Machines,CE-Screeds Asphalt,CE-Material Transfer Vehicles,CE-Asphalt Pavers Wheeled
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