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Bergkamp Inc.

Bergkamp offers an advanced line of slurry seal and micro surfacing pavers and spreader boxes, including the only full-size continuous paver. In addition, they offer flameless pothole patchers. Bergkamp serves customers throughout North America and the world.

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3040 Emulsion Drive
Salina, KS 46802
Phone: 785-825-1375
Fax: 785-825-4269



The MA30 applies frictional mastic surface treatment (FMST) over asphalt pavement.

The truck-mounted SP5 and SP8 Spray Injection Patchers are equipped with a dual-chamber (60/40) aggregate hopper that allows the distribution of two different gradations of aggregate for repair of deeper potholes.

The InPave System is an option on Bergkamp Flameless Pothole Patcher to monitor and manage pothole patching performance.

The M212 truck-mounted slurry seal and microsurfacing paver from Bergkamp is designed for projects with long distances from the stockpile.

Material transfer vehicle combined with a storage trailer describes the Mobile Stockpile, which eliminates the need for off-site stockpiles, says the manufacturer.

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