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Caterpillar F Series Mining Trucks

Caterpillar has upgraded its largest mining truck to a new generation. The F-Series 793F and 797F trucks are powered by Cat’s new Tier 2-compliant C175 ACERT engine.

November 02, 2009

Caterpillar has upgraded its largest mining truck to a new generation. The 400-ton 797F F-Series truck is powered by Cat’s new Tier 2-compliant C175-20 ACERT engine rated at 4,000 horsepower. For safety, Cat has increased the width of the walkways and stairway, reducing chances for tripping. Some elements of the cab also have been redesigned; for instance, Cat shifted the instrument panel to the center for better visibility, and angles the center console to face the operator to help reduce fatigue.



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  • Caterpillar 770G and 772G off-highway trucks have nominal rated payload capacities of 40 and 52 tons, respectively, and use Cat C15 (770G) and C18 (772G) engines, with net power ratings of 477 (770G) and 550 (772G) horsepower.

  • The new D-Series Unit Rig model integrates a Cat 3516C HD engine and the Cat 240T AC electric drive system with the existing Unit Rig MT4400 to create the MT4400D AC.

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The MD5075C track drill replaces the MD5075 and is capable of drilling holes of 3 to 4.5 inches in diameter to a depth of 102.5 feet.

The 6015B hydraulic shovel, available in backhoe configuration, is a 100-tonne machine powered by a Cat C27 ACERT engine rated at 813 horsepower.

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