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Brand and price top the list for single most important factors in the acquisition of skid steers, followed by the machine’s key specification: rated operating capacity.

There is a truck for hauling or just personal transportation to suit any need or desire

OEMs stay on top of their game as rental operations and fleets have some different requirements

Already trending up, highway-class asphalt pavers will get a bounce from the FAST Act’s long-term funding

Hydraulic excavators with operating weights of 60,000 to 80,000 pounds can take on varied big projects, yet are relatively easy to move site-to-site

The versatility of CTLs beats skid steers, but undercarriage costs beg proper maintenance and operation.

Loaders between 100 and 200 horsepower gain sales and features, but some OEMs find they’re taking a bite out of skid steers

Articulated dump trucks (ADTs) are the staple of many earthmoving fleets, but also find work in a range of applications

Energy and telecommunications sectors keep drill manufacturers busy; crew needs keep them innovating

Manufacturers see trends toward heavier machines, more horsepower, machine control and telematics


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