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Energy and telecommunications sectors keep drill manufacturers busy; crew needs keep them innovating

Manufacturers see trends toward heavier machines, more horsepower, machine control and telematics

“Intelligent Compaction” (IC) models are designed for consistent results, higher production, and improved project quality

Low fuel prices boost purchases of the popular trucks as more diesels are readied

Re-energized manufacturers offer new AWPs, scissors and safety features for demanding buyers

Asphalt paver manufacturers answer contractors’ calls for width options and productivity

Machines with operating weights from 18,000 to 40,000 pounds take on myriad applications with power and precision

Sidewalks and stringless work are also seeing more action as manufacturers build in additional versatility.

Application diversity, drive-train efficiency, and production technology characterize the middle of the crawler-dozer range

Manufacturers continue to increase machine versatility while looking ahead to silica dust regulation


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