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Equipment manufacturers recognize the realities facing them as demand for replacement machines starts to heighten: End-users will not readily accept price increases.
George Ellis explains how Terex Construction has shifted its distribution strategy to rental.
When highway bill time comes, remember that your president hung you out to dry on Keystone…in the name of a handful of alarmists.
Gwenne Henricks explains how Caterpillar's Innovations Lab will address customer needs.
Bob Emerrson, in a blog post titled “Enabling the IoT Vision,” suggests that telematics is but a stepping stone to the full service that end-users will eventually enjoy from the technology.
I asked Oberhelman about telematics and dealers, as well as how 2015 looks.
How much innovation has been lost or substantially delayed by committing years of massive R&D spending toward meeting the tiered/staged emissions regulations?
The KW’s win verified what I was thinking and how I scored it and the two competitors.
As fleets expand or replace machines, the new-equipment landscape has a few changes worth considering.
Aspects of this agreement contain areas that managers of construction equipment fleets should consider.


Site Technology Blog

One great example of connected site technology on a huge scale is a project with a footprint that was 167 km (103 miles) long.
To help operators get up to speed faster, Trimble and John Deere have developed a Grade Control Simulator that lets operators get hands-on training.
There’s no question that excavators are among the most versatile and productive machines on any job site.
Sometimes small changes can make a big difference in the productivity of your machines.
A story for those of you that are still wrestling with the “technology” decision.
If you are thinking about moving to machine control technology, there are a lot of major decisions that will need to be made.
If you don’t know where to start your homework, here are some good information sources.
An aspect of site technology that can be overlooked by contractors is connecting their machines, sites and assets.
We help contractors all over the world understand and maximize the potential of construction technology.
Owner/operators ask about how they can get started with machine control technology when they only have one or two machines.


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